Aeropress Brew Guide

  • Recipe:

    • 18g coffee to 285g water,
    1:15.8 coffee to water ratio

    • Ground medium fine (close to table salt)

    • ​Rinse Filter


    285g water, insert plunger


    Stir, plunge

    Finish plunge

  • Aeropress notes:

    Spin the aeropress as you fill to saturate all the grounds. Insert the plunger at a 45 degree angle, level, and pull slightly up to create a vacuum seal in steps 1 & 2. Plunge slow and steady to draw out the brew time and get all the sweet flavors out of the coffee.

    ​If the brew tastes sour, tangy, or tart try a finer (smaller) grind setting. If the brew tastes too bitter, savory, or smokey try a courser (bigger) grind setting.

    More or less ground coffee will increase or decrease the intensity or strength of the beverage.

    The ideal water temp for brewing coffee is 195-205°F (90-96 C) or just off boil. When brewing, there is a lot of temperature loss as the water is transferred from kettle to brewer. Rinsing the filter and immediately brewing is a great way to mitigate some of the inevitable loss of temperature and make up for the lack of thermal stability inherent in some brewers.