Chemex brew guide

  • Recipe:

    • 42g coffee to 660g water (1:15.7 ratio)

    • Ground coarse (like flake salt)

    • ​Rinse Filter


    100g water

    bring to 300g water

    bring to 400g water

    bring to 560g water

    bring to 660g water


  • Notes:

    Chemex is very user friendly. Pour water in concentric circles, like a spiral. Pour fast to get all the water in the brewer quickly and keep the temperature up in the brew bed. If you've done a good job distributing the water evenly, the surface of the brew bed with have an even tan color. If grounds are clinging to the wall of the filter, don't be afraid to pour water on the edges to integrate those grounds.

    • If the brew tastes sour, tangy, or tart try a finer grind setting. If the brew tastes to bitter, savory, or smoky try a courser grind setting.

    • More or less ground coffee will increase or decrease the intensity or strength.

    • The ideal water temp for brewing is 195º-205º f (90º-96º c) or just off boil. When brewing there is a lot of temperature loss as the water is transferred from the kettle to the brewer. Rinsing the filter and immediately brewing is a way to mitigate some of the inevitable loss of temperature and make up for the lack of thermal stability inherent in some brewers.