Auto drip brew guide

  • Recipe:

    • 80g coffee to 1248g water (8cups) (1:15.7 ratio)

    • Ground medium (between table and flake salt)

    • ​Rinse Filter

    If you have a cone filter, use a Melitta #4 filter. Fold and rinse with hot water.

    Dose and grind your coffee, grind and pour into filter. Level the coffee bed with a gentle shake.

    Filter the reservoir with filtered water and turn on your brewer.

  • Notes:
    Not all grinders are created equal. Using a burr grinder will make a more uniform grind and result in a sweeter cup of coffee. A water filter is a great addition to your setup. If your brewer has a pre-infusion mode, we recommend using it. We are fond of the Bonavita 8-cup brewer.

    • If the brew tastes sour, tangy, or tart try a finer grind setting. If the brew tastes to bitter, savory, or smoky try a coarser grind setting.

    • More or less ground coffee will increase or decrease the intensity or strength.

    • The ideal water temp for brewing is 195º-205º f (90º-96º c) or just off boil. When brewing there is a lot of temperature loss. Rinsing the filter and immediately brewing is a way to mitigate some of the inevitable loss of temperature and make up for the lack of thermal stability inherent in some brewers.